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12-Week Coding & Robotics Club

Classes begin September 13th   6:30 - 7:30pm Wednesday Nights 

Open to 3rd & 4th graders

Do you know coding teaches many valuable skills? It is an excellent way to learn creativity, confidence, problem solving skills, and communication, which are important for kids to thrive in the future.
N.I.C.K. Services is proud to offer our first STEM / Coding class. To make sure we provide the most apprehensive course possible, we are opening the class up to six students.
If your child is interested in coding & robotics, please register by clicking the button below.
Deadline to register August 25th
NICK Services Coding Class Sept 2023.jpg
Lessons for 12 week course:
  1. Introduction to Coding and Robotics - Code Angry Birds on

  2. Fixing Bugs - Code Scrat on

  3. Pen Tool on Scratch - Code Art on

  4. Sprites - Code Sprites on

  5. Ozobot - Code a Dance Party on

  6. BB8 & R2D2 - Code BB8 on

  7. Bloxels/VideoGames - Code Minecraft on

  8. Codey Robot - Code Using Conditionals Statements on

  9. Lego Boost - Code Using Functions - Code on

  10. mblock - Code a project on mblock or

  11. Sphero - Code a project on Scratch or

  12. Dot and Dash - Code puzzles using a Virtual Dash

Contact Us 717-306-9902

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