Katlyn Navikas

Social Media Coordinator

Adam Birli

IT & Technology Admin

Computers, Multimedia, Technology and all thing electronic has always interested me since i was young. I grew up playing video games at the local arcade and on PC and consoles, this is where my passion for computers started. At the age of 15 I built my first custom PC, and from there I was hooked. Not long after, I was introduced to the world of Overclocking and the Art side of PC building. Fast forward to 2014, I started my own Custom PC Solutions Company called Ultimate Personal Computers. in two short years I have grown my hobby/dream into a successful internet based company with award winning computer builds, over 13,000 social media likes, and a respected name in the PC modding industry. I always had the mindset of doing things right the first time, even if its harder or takes longer to accomplish my goals. If you would like to inqure about a Personal, Gaming, or Workstation Computer please Contact me via email.

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