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“The guidance of few, influence from many, the persistence to improve and the gift from above have influenced my work along my path. It continues to be a meandering path with wonderful stories along the way.”


As an early student of art, it all began with calligraphy. The use of angles and lines of the ink lead to shadows and shading with line. Tone from line lead to shading with airbrush. The airbrush took me into automobile hood designs and van murals. Airbrush eventually lead me to topographical maps. Maps lead to other illustrations and meeting some of the best illustrators in the business. Ultimately, it led to collecting original illustration. Holding and carefully studying originals lead me back to the beginning. That beginning was adding tone after tone to a surface which became the finished art, but now reverse it...


My paintings are all “painted” in a method that actually involves the removal of the paint. Simple reverse process. Yes, there is some addition of paint, but the majority of the works are all created by applying oil paint and then using paper towels to remove it. This process is a method similar to my map making training, but in reverse. My sole intent is to capture the mood of light and the feelings from that moment.


“My favorite time of day is when the day is coming to a close and there’s a warm glow to everything. It’s peaceful and invites you to relax – you just hope it happens again tomorrow.”


•          Worked with former National Geographic staff artist, illustrator KenTownsend,

Clients: Time-Life, National Geographic, National Park Service and Reader’s Digest.

•          Began to collect original illustrations. Started to devote time to create paintings in oil.

•          Started to show locally and focus on Nature settings and collectible sports paintings.

•          Currently works at DAS Companies, Inc. and paints every weekend. 


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